Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Potpourri

Last night, I stayed up to watch the awesomeness of the Stanley Cup final; lucky for me it went into some hot overtime action. It was weird-I informed Zac by mid 2nd period that he should get the razor out, and for 19:26 into the third, I appeared to be right.

Not so much......

So what does this mean? Once again, I start cheering for Detroit to just end it all, and the Philly curse is unwittingly cast upon them. Well screw that. GO PITT!

Moving on.....

Quick Links

  • With Leather has now come up with the best anecdote to ever begin a post with.
  • WWTDD reports on Nick Hogan's borderline sociopath tendencies. The Superficial was kind enough to update us on the legal proceedings.

Philly Stuff

  • Chase Utley is a golden god. Because no way could a person that handsome be mortal.
  • Naturally, we can't go more than a few weeks without some drama in the Birds' locker room. Lito Shepphard hasn't shown up for a voluntary workout. Big fucking deal. It's voluntary, right? Yes? Than I don't care. Sometimes I really hate the Philly media. Just, for once, report what happened, and let it go at that. And yes, I am aware that 99% of the team was there. Still don't care. Given his injury history, this is only preparing our team for the inevitable week 3 scenario.
  • Sami Kapanen retired (ed-from the NHL). It's a shame: he never really clicked with the Flyers after the '04 playoffs, and was relegated to the checking line. He never showed any sign of resentment in his demotion, and played hard every night without complaining. Good luck playing back home, Sami. Drop us a line sometime.
  • Paul Domowitch is reporting that the Cowboys are the team to beat. I call shenanigans; the Cowboys have shown the uncanny ability in the last two season to peak too early, and bow out in the playoffs. My top 10? Glad you asked:
  1. New England-cheating be damned, that team is still frightening.
  2. Indianapolis-Still got Peyton, and a subpar defense.
  3. Jacksonville-Not sold on Silky Garrard yet. Good D and running game, tho'.
  4. New York Giants- Still finding ways to win.
  5. Cleveland- They got Horse Balls Anderson; however, he did look shaky at the end of last year. Regardless, they return most starters and made great acquisitions.
  6. San Diego- They retained most of their team, including LDT and Merriman.
  7. Cowboys- Now makin' it rain!
  8. Steelers- Stilly Mcbeam is the gayest mascot, and will continue to haunt this team. My advice? Get some cheerleaders to cancel that mojo.
  9. Green Bay- their defense steps up, Rodgers puts up marginal numbers, and Ryan Grant improves. This team can do good things.
  10. Buffalo-Paul Posluszny has his first pro-bowl appearance

You probably have noticed that I left the Eagles off. I did this because I wanted to make a list unbiased by my homerism; this was the only way I could see how.

Secondly, at this point, I have no clue on how the Birds are going to do this year. As of today, I could see them being as high as 5th on the chart given the way they finished the season; I could also see them tanking again.

God, I miss football.