Thursday, October 1, 2009

....Wha' happen'd?

O God. So hungover. Feels like I'm in the " just woke up in the mothership" scene in Fire in the Sky....

What day is it? Thursday? ARE YOU F$%KING KIDDING ME?

Last I remember, PSU was up by 10 on Saturday night. Iowa was reeling under the awesome might of the White Out and my drunken mind-bullets. A victory was assured.

So, like, we won right?......Right? What?

/stares blankly
/eyes dilate
/eyes cross
/shakes head
/opens bottle of Old Granddad
/turns on The Cure

F$%k it. I'm going to Illinois this weekend. Let the blackouts ensue.

Now if I can find a soap that washes away failure and laundry marker, I'll be set.