Thursday, May 8, 2008

We"re Boned

Like i said, we're boned....

Christ, I can't believe pens fans are already stating we are using this as an excuse. You lose your best all-star defenseman and see how you react.

For crying out loud, we lose Vinnie 10 years ago during a good playoff run, and now this, which is so much worse.

With Timmonen, we had a distinct chance. My only hope is they bring Parent in.

EDIT: Do you remember how you felt when you heard Sean Lee is going to miss this year? Yeah, it feels like that.

Have We Learned Nothing?

The 2 people who read this blog (hi mom!) might remember this post.

Now this.

I've stated it before:
Starting around the last Phillies World Series Run, every time this city has a proven winner in the playoffs, some politician/jackass/both decides to unveil the giant jersey on the William Penn Statue atop city hall. Never fails-every time someone decides to put a jersey on a statue in Philly, their team loses.

So go ahead, Pens fans. Put your jersey on Balboa. I dare ya. But before you do that, please talk to the pig-man Habs fan.

That is all.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holy Sh!t...

Remember that great Dave Chappelle skit with Wayne Brady? You know, the one with the running joke of how white people love Wayne Brady because he is an uncle Tom? Something like that. To refresh:

Figure 1-1: Do NOT f&ck with Wayne Brady.

Anyhoo, the point was made, as well as comic lore.

Then this happens (note: the comparison has probably already been made, but i haven't heard it yet, so back off). I don't know whether to laugh, or to be genuinely concerned for Harrison. If he was the shooter, what set him off?

Better yet, if true, now we know the reason that Harrison sits by himself on the bench during games. It's not that he is distancing himself from his teammates. Rather, his teammates do not want a repeat of what happens in the above video around the 00:38 mark. FAIRMOUNT, WHAT!!!!

What really happened? There are parts of Fairmount (Philly) that you don't go into on a dare. Crime is high, and one can understand why he keeps the hand-cannon behind the counter of his bar. People know it's his bar, and a certain element will see the advantage of ripping off a bar attached to Marvin Harrison's money, or something stupid like that. Moving on....

Most likely, an employee got involved in an altercation, went and got Marvin's piece, and went all apeshit.

It's a shame, really, that such a talented, upstanding poster-boy for the NFL has to be involved in some local thuggery. Still, it's good for bringing up such a comic gem.