Saturday, November 15, 2008

Indiana has Its Hoosiers

It's very simple. They are not good. We are playing at home. If PSU comes out less than ready for some angry homicide, I will have lost some faith in the senior leadership on this team.

Unleash the HD!!!!!

Indiana - 13
PSU - 48

I turned 29 on Thursday. Again. Every time I turn 29 it hurts just a little bit more. The communion I go through every Saturday with PSU brings me back to younger days, and the pain of age goes away. I can drink whiskey with impunity. I can smoke 300 packs of cigarettes. I can play 80 minutes of MARFU rugby. I can go an entire tailgate without using the port-o-johns. These are but a small few of the feats I am fully capable of on gameday.

Enjoy the game, and LET'S GO STATE.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Now?

Is this us?

Galen over at TNL is echoing a theme common in the PSU community right now. To give up. The sense of loss and despair from Saturday's upset (ed-great adjective and metaphor) has lowered him to such basement levels of anger and self-abuse that he has sworn off PSU football for the year.

This cannot happen. Not now. Not ever. Galen and Nick do great work for the PSU community, and if half the symbiotic relationship were to quit functioning, the site would cease to have the impact that it currently has.

I don't like the New York Giants. Never have. But Fassel did have one great quote:

"This is a poker game here and I'm shoving my chips to the center of the table. I'm raising the stakes. That's the game and anybody who wants in can play. But I'm upping the ante.''

While I do realize that in professional football, you just have to make it to the playoffs to have a shot at the championship, the quote in itself is pretty inspiring. The message should be evident. Ante up or get out. We have the 6-7 months of non-PSU football to argue about what happened last weekend.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Aftermath

I have been walking on clouds since the Phillies won the World Series. Not much matterred. Eagles? Meh. Flyers? Meh. PSU facing 3 teams we should beat? No problem. O wait....

PSU 23
Iowa 24

My congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeyes. We made mistakes, they capitalized. We coached poorly, they did not*. They executed in the redzone, we had drives that stalled.

Quick Thoughts

  • Hull and Quarless should be sitting until the end of the MSU game. That kind of play by both of them is inexcusable.
  • Our OL was extremely bipolar.
  • Green and Royster played well.
  • The second TD was Rubin's fault.
  • I have been screaming this all year: if you are playing against a horrible QB, and it's 3rd and long, rush more than 4. You have to.
  • Odrick was a beast all the live-long day.
  • Norwood dropped an easy pass for first down. This is the second game this year he dropped a very easy pass for first down. I hope he doesn't lose confidence.
  • Bowman had an outstanding day. The guy is everywhere. And he stopped Shonn Greene dead on one play with a pure form tackle.
  • I put this one more on the coaches than I do the players.

Again, props to Iowa. And I think I might be in love with Mitch King.

/blocking out 1999 in my head for the rest of the week.

*Except for when D. Williams lined up in shotgun.