Friday, August 7, 2009

PSU's Tough Schedule

There has been much harrumphing around the blognets regarding PSU's seemingly saccharine-fueled OOC schedule (e.g. click nyaw, nyaw, or nyaw). Bosh and bunk, says I. PSU has one of the most grueling OOC schedules I have ever witnessed. Let's take a look:

For the opening game of the season, we get to play these guys. Awesome. I don't know what the hell a "Zip" is, and the thought of playing more than one "Zip" does not sit well with me.

That, and "Zip" is traditionally a verb. It can also be an onomatopoeia, but never a noun. THESE PEOPLE CAN CHANGE SYNTAX AT WILL.

Worse yet, it's at home.

So who likes letting unknown grammar freaks into their home to start the season? Nobody, that's who.

Pure nightmare fuel-
It looks like the whammy ate too many carrots. And is pointing at me. Let's move on.

Don't feel good about this one. Al Golden knows our program, which means he knows how to exploit the weaknesses of the program. Namely, that our MLBs tend to have weak knees. Sean Lee, watch your ass.

Eastern Illinois
Of all the matchups, this one gives me the most frequent and intense night-terrors. Put simply, nobody has any film on these guys. Which means no scouting and lack of preparation. Look what happens in major league baseball when the opposition has no read on the starting pitcher. Many a time the game ends up in favor of the unknown.

In Eastern Illinois' case, there is more than one pitcher, which exponentially increases the variables that can lead to mind-altering upsets.

We really just have to play our game, and hope for the best. Gulp.

So PSU has lost its secondary, restructured its starting OL, is breaking in a new FB, and lost the immortal starting WRs that led it to prominence. Compile that with having to deal with an incredible amount of erratic teams, half of which we know nothing about, and there is a possibility we could lose some starters due to injury.

I'll be happy to come away from the OOC opponents with two victories and a semi-healthy team.

So go ahead, you Virginia Techs and Ohio State's of the world. Schedule the traditional "contenders", and "teams with actual talent". I will take them any day over what PSU is going to put us through in those 4 weekends.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Poll Up

Look right. I SAID LOOK RIGHT.