Friday, January 18, 2008

The Cowboys' Season just 8 seconds!

Figure 1-2: That's all, folks!

Waka Waka Waka!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Was following the PSU/Minnesota basketball game in the interwebs because I do not have the B10 Network. It was looking like a statement game for this team; up 16 points in the second half on a very good Minnesota squad. Needless to say, they found a way to lose, which is still kind of excusable when you think about our team. I mean, it is PSU basketball. Still it hurts because one aspect of the game that can be directly blamed for the loss is free throw shooting.

PSU went 8-21 from the stripe in the second half. I am pretty sure that I could do better, and I really never played basketball. The euphemism that describes my game is "chucker", but I know that I could hit at least 9-21.

So what's the problem? I would think that hitting a free throw must be considerably easier then, say, hitting a mid-distance jumper with some guy's hand in your face. Eh, maybe I still have much more to learn about the game, but other teams have to look at that stat and figure intentional fouling into their gameplan. Still, PSU is 10-4, and provided they win another 8-9 games, have a valid shot of getting into the NCAA tournament.

In other news, after 6 months of not being sick, I have now caught my 3rd illness in just under a month. Which sucks, considering how much more amplified the symptoms get in the winter.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Updates

First the good news of the day. Justin King has decided to forgo his senior season at PSU.

King came in our school as a highly regarded prospect, and exceeded expectations his first two seasons with the Nits. He had a rough go this year due to injuries and lack of pressure on the QB.

I think King more than made the right decision. I believe he is graduating a year early, and it would be the right time for him to go. He has all the characteristics and raw talent that NFL scouts like, and he will do well for himself provided he has a strong combine. I expect him to go mid-late 2nd round, and would absolutely love for the Eagles to grab him. The Eagles have a great tradition of molding all-star CBs. This is all provided that the Birds' CB coach stays, and does not accept a position elsewhere.

What does this do to PSU? Wallace is returning, and our defense will improve(and hopefully stay healthy) next year. Hopefully, Timmons will get the message that he is on Joe's last good nerve. I don't think it will hurt us all that much, really. Then again, we all fully expected PSU to have a dominant defense, but we all saw what happened there.

So good luck to King. He played well, is graduating, and I wish him the best of times. Just don't go to any other NFC East teams. Selah.

Looks like my picks were spot-on. No, wait, what's the opposite of that...sucking poo. Some notes:

    Figure 1-1: "The Seahawks were due!"

  • The only game i got right was the Pats beating Jacksonville. I'm a freakin' regular Creskin.
  • The Giants just kept getting stronger as the game went on. The Cowboys just couldn't do anything right after the first drive of the second half. And Romo still made a mistake at the end of playoff game, ruining the Cowboys' hopes 2 years i a row. Very unclutch, which I thought was Eli's job.
  • The Chargers got heart. Except for Rivers, who did his Morelli impression of getting into it with the fans at a game.

Basketball rundown tomorrow.