Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Monday

...and for some reason i am at work today.

Just some quick notes:
  • Baker might be heading to the pokey. The DA is trying to revoke his bail. Sorry, Chris, but if you don't learn after the first felony should immediately transfer to OSU.
  • PSU landed VA all-state receiver A.J. Price. Big guy, at 6'4", with aparently good hands. His GPA gives me some pause3 (2.3), tho. However, Michigan offerred, and they know something about good WRs.

eh-don't feel like writing any more. Dan's is still talking to me.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's not Friday

...but it's never too late to issue the seal of Akbar.

Figure 1-1:"Although, the weapon systems on this Death Star are not yet operational..." Somebody over at intel just got his ass fired.

Three stinking games left.

Given that this is the last multigame weekend of football for a very long time, this will have to be the last week of the award. Which is sad, really, because I consider handing the award out as the only facet of my blog that actually contributes, in its own demented way. So know that in honor of it's last awarding, i am writing this in my underwear, reeking of Dan's Cafe.

So two games left. Who to pick? I could opt for giving the award to Green Bay, which would give them a historical two-week run. Plus, that would mean that the Giants would win. No such luck here, bub.

So the award gets issued to New England. Why? Fuck, I don't know. Make up your own rationale. How about we both agree that we hate all New England teams and their douchilicious fans, led by cunthat Bill Simmons.

Because of Simmons and his self-felating tripe, I now cannot stand any professional sports team out of that area. Fuck. Them.