Thursday, July 9, 2009


Something woke me up.

Well, as long as I'm awake, might as well kick off the new season with.......

Know Your Lions

You know the rules. Today's topic is the one Sean Lee.

Note to OSU Fans: This is a solo tackle. These are important to LBs. Much more important than being the last person in on a gang tackle.

We all know Sean as the leader of LBU. Here is what you don't know*:

  • Nickname #1: "Spinal Cracka'". Given to him by Lavar Arrington and Navarro Bowman after one particular intense practice/drinking session.
  • Nickname #2: "General Lee". Dislikes the term because it's just too easy, and that Generals only fight from the sidelines.
  • Knee ligaments surgically repaired using Dick Butkis' mustache trimmings.
  • Sleeps with a teddy bear made out of razor wire.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, was the real winner of the past Iranian election. Hence, the riots. Al-Jezeera will deny this.
  • Hates the color blue.
  • Is color blind.
  • JoePa decreed that Sean can never be the "asshole" in said drinking game. Interestingly enough, Sean will still always finish his beer in polite fashion if told to do so for skipping a higher ranking member. Because thems the rules.
  • Incapable of saying the word "I".

There ya go. Know Sean. Love Sean. Now sit back and enjoy the havoc he hath wrought.

*cause I fabricated it.