Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Complete Disgrace

A rumor floating around from the '05 game was that people were throwing bags of urine at the OSU band. Great, that's just the image I want people to have of my school. Fortunately, nobody to this date has come forth with a shred of credible evidence to back this story up.

Then this season started. Rumors persisting about a minority of students/alum treating the visitors incomprehensibly. I always thought/hoped the real story to be far less worse than the truth.

Then last weekend happenned. Then this video surfaced.


Fucking great. Now, every stupid rumor about my beloved campus will instantly be believed as true. Think about this video being circulated nationally, and then add the fact that on live TV one of the GameDay crewmembers had a beer thrown at them.

Now compile that with the urine toss, and everything else (bad) you've heard about PSU tailgating.

So now what will happen?

We probably just lost the GameDay crew. Given the reports coming out of State College right now, we probably just lost any night game for any good team in our future schedule. Way to go students.

First, I hope they find that jackass who pushed, and then later threw a beer at, that OSU fan. Of course, the original video was taken down, but thanks to someone's quick thinking, it has now made its way around. Scrawny punk is probably shaving his hair off as we speak. Fuck him. If he is a student:

  1. Charge him with assualt
  2. Let him clean the stadium
  3. 10 year ban from attending a PSU football game at home.

Secondly, the guy with the camera knew him. Let's find out who the cameraman was. Put the screws to him, see who else can get ratted out. See above punishments.

Third, I hope every alumni will see this.

Fourth, I hope Spanier sees this, and takes some kind of action.

May no act of ours bring shame,
To one heart that loves thy name

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Q said...

Check out the plastic wrap on the side when they start throwing the beers and the fact the guy doesn't flich when gets BRAINED with a beer. Put that together with that it's in back of Lambda Chi or Pi Lam I think, and someone on youtube suggested that this might just be pledges in OSU jerseys getting hazed.