Thursday, October 18, 2007

Indiana has its Hoosiers

Figure 1-3: Better than sucky this year

I actually got to watch some of the IND/MSU matchup on saturday after our glory. It looked like the MSU offense was running Madden drills on them.

Short preview this week, because there really is nothing really to preview. In other words, I am lazy . PSU is favored, and holds the advantage in almost every facet of the game. The only question marks for this PSU team is:

1. Can we win on the road against a team with a winning record? Or more generally, can we win on the road?

2. Indiana is #1 in the NCAA in sacks pergame (thanks Turkey !). Can our offensive line hold them?

3. Can we handle a lesser option offense?

Illinois taught the Lions how to defend the option-they have seen this type of offense before and adjusted perfectly. This answers question #3.

Our offensive line is extremely cohesive right now. In the last three games, they have opened up massive running holes for our backs. Word out of practice this week is that Quarless is working his ass off to get back into the lineup after being benched for half-assing blocks last Saturday, so all signs are pointing toward the positive.

Can PSU win on the road? Depends. If we use the game plan from Michigan, this game will be a tossup, at most an ugly win. If we use the game plan from the last few weeks, the score will only be close at the opening whistle.

So two out of three questions are answered in the positive, one is a maybe, leaning toward the positive.

PSU 45 Ind 7. The seven comes in garbage time. This team is hungry, pissed, and clicking.

Final thoughts
  • I still feel horrible for Hayes. This kid has to work hard for the next 9-11 months to get himself back to a usuable condition, and even then he still might have lost a step.

  • Will Morelli pass on first? Will we run? I don't know, and neither do the Indiana coaches. This puts us at an extreme advantage in that our strategy is now totally hidden, which means our strategy can succeed.

  • PSU never "looks ahead" to the following game. This team always focusses on the task at hand.

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