Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Was following the PSU/Minnesota basketball game in the interwebs because I do not have the B10 Network. It was looking like a statement game for this team; up 16 points in the second half on a very good Minnesota squad. Needless to say, they found a way to lose, which is still kind of excusable when you think about our team. I mean, it is PSU basketball. Still it hurts because one aspect of the game that can be directly blamed for the loss is free throw shooting.

PSU went 8-21 from the stripe in the second half. I am pretty sure that I could do better, and I really never played basketball. The euphemism that describes my game is "chucker", but I know that I could hit at least 9-21.

So what's the problem? I would think that hitting a free throw must be considerably easier then, say, hitting a mid-distance jumper with some guy's hand in your face. Eh, maybe I still have much more to learn about the game, but other teams have to look at that stat and figure intentional fouling into their gameplan. Still, PSU is 10-4, and provided they win another 8-9 games, have a valid shot of getting into the NCAA tournament.

In other news, after 6 months of not being sick, I have now caught my 3rd illness in just under a month. Which sucks, considering how much more amplified the symptoms get in the winter.

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