Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Final Thoughts: Purdue

On Offense:

  • Must we always go on the conservative side when on the road?
  • Royster is a beast, especially when led by Lawlor
  • The only thing that infuriated me was the punt on the Purdue 38(?) yard line.

On Defense

  • Hull stepped up. We'll see how he does this week against PJ Hill untill I completely apologize.
  • Odrick is an absolute terror. Koromoa looked good.

That's really all I have. I wasn't able to take pics in Purdue (stupid camera), and the stories are just too long to properly explain. Let's move on to this Saturday night.....

...Like you didn't know this was coming.


215 Sports said...

Royster is a beast. Whats he averaging like 8.5 - 9 yards per carry? He's sick.

Ross said...

Perhaps you can help in getting the word out on this:

Ok, I am sick of this.

PSU will have a game in a couple of weeks against Iowa on the Big Ten Network and as a resident of NYC forced to subscribe to Time Warner Cable, I will ONCE AGAIN have to go to a bar to watch the game. I am sick of paying $6 for beers while watching my team compete for a MNC.

So, I urge all of you, even if you aren't suffering like I am to email the following Time Warner executives and DEMAND that they make the deal happen in NYC:

Howard Szarfarc is Executive Vice President of Time Warner Cable’s New York City region -

Melinda Witmer
Executive VP, Chief Programming Officer
Time Warner Cable

Back at the end of August, Time Warner reached a deal to broadcast the Network in the "Big Ten States" and that they would be "evaluating whether to carry the games locally in NYC" gTenNetwork.html

The last I heard from Howard, this is what he had to say:

"The attached press release specifically references the “Big ten territory” which does not include NYC. I understand that discussions are continuing regarding the remaining markets."

Before the deal got done in Big Ten Country, President of the Big Ten Network Mark Silverman had the following to say: er736/news/2007/11/09/News/Big-Ten.Ceo.Discusses.F rustration.With.Local.Cable.Company-3090711.shtml

"DI: So what exactly is the problem? Why can't you get anything done?

MS: There are basically four large cable companies that represent 65 percent of the area that are saying 'no' to us. And I believe that at some point, whether it's through a local politician or consumer outrage, something needs to get them to try to carry the network and negotiate. Because right now they're not talking to us. Not at all. There's not anything that's close to happening.

It's one thing to negotiate and not be there yet. But we're not. We're not negotiating. We keep coming up with a list of things and they're not interested in trying to do the deal. They keep saying if we're looking for expanded basic cable, it's not going to happen. That's what's so infuriating. "

Notice that Mark mentions "consumer outrage". It is about that time, fellow Penn Staters, I beg you - please email the above Time Warner executives and show the power that Penn State alumni have in the New York City and New Jersey area. I really don't want to wake up and go to a bar at 11:45 AM in three weeks to watch the game on the Big Ten Network against Iowa.

Thanks to everyone who shoots off a quick email.

drozz said...

like i said-royster is smart enough to know that he has a stud FB and excellent line. he understands that something will be open, and trusts his teammates to know their assignments.

ross-can you get direct TV?