Friday, October 24, 2008

The Ohio State Has Their Buckeyes...

Crikey. At the beginning of the year, most of us had the Lions with a loss at this point in the season. Now we roll into Columbus for a night game at the 'Shoe, ranked #3 with national championship aspirations. I don't even play for either team, and am incredibly nervous already. I can only imagine how the starters feel. But hey, that's why OSU players get payed the big bucks (ed-bad puns and hate already flowing), eh?

Reasons why we can win in Columbus:
1) Pryor can't pass the ball. Yet.
2) Bradley has scouted Pryor for the past 3 years in Jeannette, and was the lead recruiter on him.
3) When the PSU run is stopped, we can pass. If the pass isn't working, we can run.
4) While the OSU defense is arguably the best in the Big10 11(especially their corners), they are VERY soft over the middle.
5) Tressel cannot vary his offensive strategy too much on a game-to-game basis.

Reasons we can lose:
1) PSU comes out flat, like they have in the past few games.
2) PSU rushes 4 the entire game. We did this last year and got picked apart (not likely, given #1 under why we win). Same with Michigan last week.
3) Hull and Sales start and remain in the game.

So its very simple (kinda); on defense, rush 5-6 on every play, keep Wells and Pryor contained. I don't even care if we get burned by Pryor in the air on a few plays. He will f up. For proof, look how Wisconsin played him. Granted, Pryor finally broke through at the end, but the lessen should have been learned from tape of said game.

On offense, go deep early, and crack the secondary. Clark cannot fumble the ball. Our most consistent running play for the year is off right tackle. Keep pounding it there.

Actually, that was the game plan for PSU going into Madison.

Music I'm using to get my head right before game:

I'm old. let's go old school with some MAARS. Because MAARS needs women.

The enginerd in me just squealed a little. Hell, might as well keep going with that late 80's/early 90's goodness. That's Eric B and Rakim, bitches.....

...and then Big Daddy Kane. Yes, the "Juice" soundtrack was one of the best ever. So was "Purple Rain". What of it?

And yes, I am aware that I might be the whitest man ever.

PSU 27
OSU 20

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