Thursday, October 30, 2008


I don't remember the '83 NBA championship, although I do remember the players. I vaguely remember the 1980 World Series. Believe it or not, I wasn't alive for the Flyers' Stanley Cup win in '75. I will always remember and cherish this. And now the spending spree.

And for those PSU alums who were also Pittsburgh fans at the end of the bar, I heard your boos and was immune. You graduated. Grow the fuck up.

For the Mets fan (not Adam, but thanks anyway) who turned around to congratulate me, thank you. Way to humbly represent your fan base. The savages mentioned above could learn a thing or three on how to keep one's dignity.

Back to football.....

Thoughts for the Bye Week

This bye week for PSU could not come at a better time. The month of October represented the harshest month in the schedule for the Lions. These past 4 wins have taken its toll physically and mentally on the players and fans. If there was to be a "letdown" game for the Lions, surely it was to come the week after a win in Columbus. Especially if they had to play the surprisingly dangerous Iowa squad.

Personally, I needed the week off. I am going to watch some non-PSU football and relax. On Sunday I will start dealing with Iowa, and not before. I would hope that is what the players are doing as well.


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