Monday, April 28, 2008

Philadelphia-We're not the only ones...

...that act in furiously stupid ways.

Exhibit A:

...And Exhibit B:

Figure 1-1: Thanks, ya frogs....

On a meteorologically nice day, these guys would be dead. And yes, we might hesitate on killing the short, fat pig man. But only momentarily. This town loves roasted pork.

That is, to say, I understand what they are trying to do; it's just inane for the following reasons:

1) Rocky lost.
2) Every time someone puts a jersey on a statue in this town, that team loses. Seriously, it's the kiss of death. Let's just hope the streak keeps up.

EDIT: no sooner than I write this, Hatcher takes a stupid boarding penalty. The result: a 5 minute major, 10 minute misconduct, two goals and the game momentum go to the Habs. Is it because I touch myself, Lord?

DOUBLE EDIT: The Lord sayeth no, and smiles on the orange faithfull. He still hates Hatcher, tho'.

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