Tuesday, September 18, 2007


...we're off.

On Thursday night, i will be packing my bags for Ann Arbor. Me and 14 other Neanderthals in two RV's, 4 days, 1 carton of smokes, 25 cases of old german, 5 bottles of vodka, poker chips, and no showers. It's almost like an adult version of the physical challenge from double dare. With haneous chemicals and vulgarity abounding. And plenty of vice and sin.

Figure 1-1:nobody does it finer than Herman the German

A big shout out to my friend Ben-he just shipped off to Iraq, so he will not be making it this year. On the one hand, i will greatly miss Ben drunk off two beers and insinuating relations with every ones' mothers. On the other, he is hands down the stinkiest Quaker on this planet. He will be missed, and we will raise many OGs in his name. And his mother (whom i refer to as "the stink pig". she likes it) is fair game.

This week i shall be recording the events whenever physically possible. Expect many drunken spelling errors and dick jokes, as well as pictures that will prevent any of us from ever holding public office.

Lastly, we have 15 tickets in the PSU alumni section, all in the same row. Any thoughts or suggestions as to what we should paint on ourselves is greatly appreciated.

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