Friday, September 21, 2007

Lou Holtz Gives Inspirathonal Speeth

The fix is in. That walking bag of Notre Dame ust jinxed us. Inspirational speech my ass. All he did was rehash everything bad about this streak that players don't want to hear.

It's so bad, i don't even want to put the youtube clip up.

Life on the Road, Cage:
Me and Mike set out around 230 yesterday afternoon for pittsburgh. Even tho i am diehard philly, I have to admit: Pittsburgh really has made positive moves to improve its image to us heathens. It looks clean. Heinz field is incredible. PNC park should be filled every night. O yeah.

Update: couldn't find any old german. I blame deeb. Substituting it with American Light, aka, "blackout juice".

So in recap: Lou Holtz speech, no Old German. The good? Zac had our host's dog hump asian rob on the couch, so i guess that kind of evens things out.

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