Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's go Phills

Things I am sure of at 4 in the morning on a Monday.

1. I would have slit my wrists if the Phillies hadn't achieved the postseason. This was configured to be the best, or worse, weekend for a PSU alum and Philadelphia fan. If all my teams lost, I would be nearly inconsolable.

Figure 1-1: Go Fightins'

I seriously can't remember a more likeable team, although my memory suspisciously begins 12 years ago.

2. Last week, the Eagles kept extra back(s) around McNabb to give him some extra time. Good times. This week, our pro-bowl LT is out with an injury. So one would think they would stick with the same idea. Not so much.

The Eagles and PSU must have the same offensive line philosophy. McNabb had absolutely no time in the pocket with OT/turnstyle Justice guarding his back. Really, McNabb is getting attacked at the same place on the line for 3 quarters resulting in 9 sacks? And their defensive coordinator is our old LB coach? What do you think you should do? Maybe put a blocking RB in? Like...o, say, TONY HUNT. WTF did he get drafted for? The guy is 6-2, 230. I am pretty sure him and Justice could have at least slowed down ominyura (sp?).

3. Morelli's suckiness is leaching into the offensive line.

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