Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Following proffessional sports is a passion for many a person, including myself. One of the most common reasons is that for roughly 4 hours on any given day, the problems and annoyances of daily life can be forgotten by watching a game. When you win, everything just feels right.

That is why I switched the picture. Right now, the Phills have provided me a distraction from the ongoing pain that is PSU football right now. After their win on Sunday evening, the PSU loss to Illinois still there, but stings much less. It put things in perspective: if the most-losing professional team EVER (10k losses and counting) can put together a season like that after a horrible start, so can PSU. So here's to renewed hope for PSU, who hosts Iowa this weekend.

Also, some great quotes from the members of that '93 team that resembled a group right out of any south Philly bar:

-"This team,'' Kruk said from his South Jersey home yesterday, "well, they're just better than us.''
While Kruk might get an argument from older fans and some old teammates - "the difference between us and them is that we would never waste beer,'' Williams quipped after witnessing Sunday's celebration - his sentiment captures the admiration and commonality that '93 team feels for the current group.

-Williams remembered after that team clinched the division during a September series in Pittsburgh, "We never left the clubhouse. And that was not a nice clubhouse.''
They also drank the beer.
"We sprayed the champagne,'' Williams said. "Giving that group champagne was like putting earrings on a pig.''

Funny, these guys all moved on, but there still are a lot of mullets in south Philly.

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