Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Review

Figure 1-2: Like a squirrel with an acorn, Koroma plants receivers in the ground during the fall to stock up for those lean times ahead.

Those who played really did nothing wrong. Yes, there were dropped passes, a sack, and one penalty, but that is to be expected every game. From whistle to gun, this team played complete football. Maybe it's the off-field struggles, or the fact that they know they should maybe have one loss right now, but this team is definately playing in "us against the world" mode.

Biggest improvement

Morelli and the offensive lines. One sack, no interceptions, and no bad passes. Morelli did everything that was expected of him.
Lydell Sergent. The guy was everywhere on Saturday, leading to very few Wallace sightings. And I know the name is spelled wrong; I like my way better.

Biggest Loss

Jerome Hayes. Still don't know why his knee gave out, but it didn't look good. So sad for a guy who has played with the highest intensity this season. Lets pray for a sprain or slight tear, and nothing that would completely alter his playing style.

Other injuries

Odrick broke a bone(s?) in his hand, but he will be back in the lineup. Word on the street is that he ripped the defective part(s) out of his body, and replaced it with a tooth he stole from Lyle Alzado. Bible truth.
And that's all. Let's put this game behind us; we've got a competant Indiana team ahead of us on the road, and then.....inhales...THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.... That's right, the #1, untested team in the country comes into Happy Valley on a Saturday night. Here's to the Whiteout!

Figure 1-3: Remember this?

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