Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PSU vs. OSU nonsense

Tale of the tape- A quick breakdown of the school and their relative strengths in a heah-to-head. PSU answers are first because they won the coin-toss.

  • The Pennsylvania State University
  • The Ohio State University


If brevity is your thing
  • Penn State
  • Ohio State
If it isn't
  • Penn State
advantage: PSU
  • Brutus Buckeye
  • The Nittany lion

advantage: PSU

What the hell is....?

  • A Nittany Lion
  • A Buckeye?
Stadium capacity
  • 107,282 (110,753 record)
  • 101,569
advantage: PSU
Can count on them to beat....
  • Anyone but Michigan
  • Anyone including Michigan

big advantage: OSU

Coaching Fashion Statement
  • Rolled up pants and black shoes. Coke-bottle glasses. Old-school Moxie.
  • Sweater Vests
advantage: PSU. Sweater vests are never a fashion statement
Tailgating environment
  • In the cow pastures as far as one can stagger.
  • Local Hotel
advantage: PSU

Tailgating Hazard
  • Bags of urine, Eagles and Steelers fans, lack of port-o-johns.
  • OSU fans, Columbus
advantage: OSU. Are you kidding me?

Annoying accent
  • Yins. Yuhns. Stillers. Iggles.
  • Midwestern Drawl
advantage: OSU. nothing in the first answer is even a word.
Good looking (female) cheerleaders
  • Not historically
  • Yup

advantage: OSU by a nose

Football player grad rate
  • Extremely high
  • Extremely low
advantage: PSU
Football player draft value
  • Extremely low
  • Extremely High
advantage: OSU
Recent linebackers of note
  • Poz, Connor, Shaw, Lee
  • Laurinitis, Hawk
advantage: PSU. Hawk DQ'd for marrying Brady Quinn's sister
Looks like PSU 7-5! Huzzah!

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