Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Give a Hoot..

Figure 1-2: "Mr. Owl, does Temple playing at the Linc have anything to do
with the Eagles being cursed?"
Bloggers note: again, this is not the format i was going for. please bear with me.
That's owl-humor. Get it? Yeah, like you could come up with something better, so back off.
So now onto Temple, and then Michigan State, or as I like to call it, the Ashley Simpson part of the schedule. Not nearly as exciting as their more talented predecessors, but still good enough to masturbate to.
I will be heading up to Philly for the game. Apparently, the lots open 5 hours before kickoff, meaning that I will be openly intoxicated by 8 AM. What's on the menu? Brats, leftover beer from the Michigan road trip(American Ale gets better with time, right?), chips, and the coup de grace, 8 lbs. of roasted pork for sandwiches served with extra sharp cheese, and maybe some broccoli rabe. That's food that Britney Spears would sell her kid for.
What do I expect?
  • Temple is actually better this year, so it will not be a blowout until the second half.
  • Kinlaw gets the lion share (another mascot pun. am on a roll) of carries when the game is in hand.
  • Morelli doesn't see the 4th quarter.
  • We open up throwing deep

I am kind of interested to see who will be getting the reps in the 4th (knock on wood).


PSU 41, Temple 17

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