Friday, January 4, 2008


And you know what that means....
Figure 1-2: "We can't repulse firepower of that magnitude"

Editor's note: I talk to lawyers quite a bit. The one yesterday ticked me off by asking to prolong an interview until next week, because he was going out to Seattle for the game. Besides billing his client at 300/hr just to talk to me, my morning was ruined due to 3 hours preparation for said interview. On a side note, his client is an idiot, judging by how he picked such poor representation.

Technically, one would think that there really isn't any trap game of the playoffs due to both contestants having been good enough to reach the postseason. Supposedly. The horrific NFC just flashed you the middle finger and said nuts to that. This week's Akbar award goes to the Seattle/Washington matchup.

Washington is coming into the post season riding high (*coughportiscough*); the defense has been playing lights out, and whatever hobo they found to QB can competently manage a game. Seattle, however, is playing like dogshit.

This is why the trap is on for Washington:

  1. Everyone is picking Washington to win.
  2. One expects to hear a pregame heart rendering collage of why this team is doing it for Taylor. They will reference the fact that the 'skins won by 21 last week to clinch a playoff spot. OOOOOOOOO. I am not impressed. If there was some kind of preternatural force at work here, i.e. the ghost of Taylor, I would fully expect that in this coming game, the 'skins will lose by 21. Why? Let's look at the "logic": it took Taylor a few weeks to get off his ghostly ass and influence a game, having expired a few weeks prior. Also note that the 'skins actually LOST their first game without him. Further, Taylor was a dick. This is the kind of move I expect him to pull. To will your old team into the playoffs from above (and deny the poor and suffering Saints fans. Jerk.), and then pull the rug out from underneath them, and then signalling exactly who did it would be the kind of move I would expect out of him. Even from beyond the grave, people really don't change.

So when the 'skins fall dick-first into the trap, don't come crying to me. You knew what you were getting into.

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