Thursday, February 14, 2008

O Them Silly Injuns....

It seems that FSU Seminoles are cock-slapping themselves after getting caught in another scandle:

"Florida State's sports teams will be on self-imposed probation for two years and some will lose scholarships because of an academic cheating scandal, the university said in a report released Thursday.
About 60 student-athletes have lost or will suffer some loss of eligibility. Two staffers, a tutor and learning specialist, already had been fired. No additional dismissals were listed in the investigatory report."

It's very simple, when you think about it. If you don't play football, you are fired/expelled. If you do, well, then I guess you are going to:
  • Miss the Motor City Bowl. You don't get to go to Detroit in December. Note:this is probably not a punishment.
  • Miss the first 3 games while the schedule is miraculously re-worked.
  • Lose 30% eligibility. Considering the remarkable graduation rate of their football players(57%) due to early entry into the draft, prison, baby-daddying, etc., this really won't make a difference for most players.

The point i am horribly trying to make is that I really hope PSU does not get like this, i.e. a program unaccountable for their actions.

This past year's off-the-field issues cause me great concern, especially when they happen to the same people twice in one year. Just look at the crap I wrote above-FSU continues to be a bad cliche of everything wrong with college football.

By the way, what the hell is self-imposed probation? When I was in college, I slapped my one friend's gal in the ass in a stupor. I apologized, and vowed to put myself on probation. But you see, it was March, and I was gambling heavily on hoops at the time. Long story short, I "punished" myself by sitting alone in the dark drinking whiskey while yelling at teenagers trying to play a game. Usually, I would wake up in a pile of my own sick.

Lesson learned!

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