Saturday, April 12, 2008

I was really down...

...this morning. I was hungover, the Flyers pulled one of the greatest choke-jobs in history, and RUTS and BSD were both reporting that Sean Lee had seriously injured his knee. Verily, my mood matched this awful weather.

Then I got the great news over at GCobb. No more Gumble f'ing up my good time on the NFL network. Raise your screams to heaven, chilluns, because this is proof that there are football Gods. Bryant Gumble, hands down, was THE WORST football broadcaster ever. EVER. At first sitting, listening to him was laughable, if not a little annoying. Kind of like a dog humping your leg.
Then he starts making errors that nobody involved in football should ever make. For example, he called the QB of the Dallas Cowboys "Rick Romo". That is just inexcusable.

Bryant should just go back to what he knows:

Figure 1-1: Street Justice

If you have never heard of GCobb before, you should definitely make it a daily ritual. The guy has great contacts-he was the first one to break the story of Asante Samuel going to the birds.

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