Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Figure 1-1: Don't say "blood". It only gets him excited.

To be brunt, the man is a beast. The good? The Eagles made a legitimate bid for him, which is nice to see given that the offseason usually revolves around who we are NOT trying to pick up. Still we didn't get him. Funny how the littlest offerings can mean so much when the bar is set that low.

The bad? Jared Allen is now in the NFC, which means there is a distinct possibility that we will play him. Further, the Vikes' d-line was pimp to begin with-having Allen just ups the "oh-shit" factor.

As for the Vikes: did they make the right choice? Let's see: the Vikings give up the 17th pick of the draft, and had to restructure his contract to 6 years, 74 million, 31 of which is guaranteed. Besides the massive cap hit they are going to have to deal with when purple Jesus comes up for negotiations, it could prove deadly. Further, the Vikings still do not have a consistent quarterback.

So, I guess the game plan here is to rely on defense and running the ball while NOT developing a quarterback. Where have I heard that before?

Have the Vikings improved? Yes. Have they improved where they really need to? I am not sure-I perceive them as being a little short in the OL as well as QB and WR: losing their first round pick means they will not pick up a pricey first rounder, but also risk the lack of redundancy that multiple first and second round picks provide.

So yes, they have gotten better-New York has fully proved that even a competent QB can win the super bowl provided their defense dominates. Let's just hope for the Vikes sake that ol' Jared can stay away from the booze. 3 DUIs in 4 years = Jared on the short leash of the commissioner.

EDIT: if Jared stays out of trouble until September, two of his strikes are going to be erased. If I was in any way dependent on him, I would have taken his keys away a long time ago. Probably while he was passed out.

As for the Chiefs-look for them now to bolster their lines in the first round. Losing Allen is going to kill their line, so DE at 5th pick, OL at 17th. Should work out.

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