Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Recruiting News

Larry Johnson Sr. cemented his "best recruiter, EVER" status by landing yet another recruit. This time, it's Stephon Morris, another Greenbelt MD product. I'm serious: LJ Sr. owns Maryland and NOVA.

"Not the biggest corner, but he makes up for that by be so smooth. He is as technically sound of a corner as you'll find. Very fluid backpedal and outstanding closing speed. He anticipates well and sticks to receivers like glue. His toughness and strength help him against big wide receivers. Also an outstanding return man on special teams."

True, he is only 5'9", but that is more than enough to get it done in college. Return man on special teams? Scrappy guy that doesn't back down? Sign him up.

The report from Scout doesn't show any stars(which is typical this time of year), but look at the list of suitors: Louisville, Rutgers, Vandy, Tennessee, and Illinois. Good enough for me.

Let's see, commitment wise, that puts us at 5 DBs (kinda) locked in at this point; 3 CBs, 2 S. I already like the way this class is shaping up. Lets' grab some blue-chip RBs, a decent QB, and fill out the lineup.

Hockey News:
Pitt got worked last night in Detroit. For Pitt fans, I really wouldn't be down. Pitt had their share of open nets in the first, and just couldn't bury'em. Pitt hung well with Detroit through 2 periods-their only problem is that they stopped putting the puck on the net-taking bad penalties does this to a team(see Flyers, 2007-2008 season). This Pens team does not repeat mistakes, so expect a brutal game 2.

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