Friday, May 23, 2008

I Heart JoePa

As much as I disagree with the nepotism involved in the program, I still admire Joe Paterno. This is why:

Those opposing the playoff cited the sanctity of the regular season and the fact the players would be forced to miss too much class time. It could also extend the season into a second semester. Paterno rejected those rationales, noting the highly profitable Division I men's basketball tournament is more disruptive to its players.
"To be frank with you, I don't know what the reasons are not to have a playoff," Paterno said during a speaking appearance in Pittsburgh. "You can talk about missing class and all that kind of stuff, [yet] you see basketball go on forever. You have a lot of bogus excuses, but obviously the majority of people who have the say don't want it."

I will admit-the NCAA tournament does not happen around the holidays or finals, but still-other teams in the NCAA (baseball, rugby, etc.) have to deal with the calender obstructions, right? Why can't football?

"They said, 'Well, you've got to vote or else you can't participate.' So I will not participate in the voting," Paterno said. "Not that I'm against what other people want to do, it's just that philosophically I think you ought to win it on the field. If I have to vote for somebody only because people have said these are the two teams that ought to be in the BCS championship game and I think they left somebody out that probably ought to be in it, that's when I'll feel a playoff ought to be appropriate. I've always been for a playoff."

Tradition is not always a good thing. Tragically, change is slow in the realm of NCAA football.

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