Thursday, May 1, 2008

Favorite Tailgate Food/Drink

"Gluttony ain't a sin if it's good and you ain't full"

This post is solely dedicated to accelerating onset cirrhosis. Let's get started....

Moose Juice

Figure 1-1: Trust me on this one

PSU Tailgate Experience: I cannot remember a relevant tailgate without this sweet nectar.

Secret Formula:
  • 1 large handle of vodka.
  • 1 case of beer (12 0z. cans).
  • 1 large container of powdered Country Time Lemonade (not pink). For Vitamin C purposes.
  • 1 10lb. bag of crushed ice.

Add all contents into mixing container. Stir furiously. Enjoy.


  • Skippies.
  • Happies.
  • Easy to make.
  • Great starter drink if beer is not suitable at 7 AM.
  • Counter-intuitively tastes phenomenal.
  • Destroys lingering hangover.
  • Has attained cult status.
  • Prolonged use leads to wanton carnality. Yes, that's a pro.
  • It takes a community to make. Makes for great bonding, as in the-tribe-has-worked-together-toward-a-common-goal kind of thing. Assign specific duties and you will see what I mean.
  • Accelerates the flow of time.
  • Goes quickly.
  • One 5-gallon mixing container.
  • Big spoon. No, not Mike Y.
  • Large plastic cups.
Ingredients/variations Tried:
  • Beer-Coors Light or Miller Light will do.
  • Vodka-you can go on the cheap here, but as your attorney, I would advise one big honkin' bottle of Skyy.
Conclusions: As noted above, this drink has almost attained a "cult" status. Let me explain....

If talking to an unfamiliar PSU alum, mention the term and what is in it. They will either knowingly nod with a smirk, or will give you the look my dog used to give me when I would urinate with him outside on his morning walk. That is, a look of bewilderment. Instinct will tell him/her that beer and vodka in the same concoction is a bad idea. Then the alcoholic instinct kicks in. Another way to get f'd up on gameday? Sign me up.

In the tailgating environ itself, the first question normally asked by a rookie has to deal with what is in it. There face will turn sour, and they will seem reticent. I know I was.

Then they slowly knock the first cup back. Bliss ensues, and then they realize all the pros are already quickly devouring the juice. Soon there will be none left.

Possible Side Effects:

Most Notable Experience:
Last year, the crew (pictured above. note the container) traveled to Michigan. We located our tailgate at the high school across the stadium, and next to the entry way to the high school fields. Within one hour, my friend Kevin had the cooler on his shoulder and all PSU fans entering were sticking their heads out of the car, and taking long gulps. God, I love being a PSU fan.


Unknown said...

Great selection.

My friends and I made this for the first time this past year. While we were skeptical at first, after the first sips we were hooked. the only difference in recipies was that we used vlady instead of sky. it was still amazing though.

drozz said...

Vlady, as in Vladimir?


JB said...

VLAD! KING OF THE NORTH! I drank my fair share of that noxious libation in college.