Friday, May 30, 2008

Favorite Tailgating Food/Drink

"Gluttony ain't a sin if it's good and you ain't full"

Been awhile since I posted one of these, but it's been worth the wait.....

Pepper Shooters

Fig. 1-1: Humina humina humina.....

PSU Tailgate Experience: Every tailgate beginning in the '05 season.

Suggested Purchase Amount: Always go for the large container. Pack 'em in, and then add some of the drippings to keep the jewels properly hydrated. Rotate every hour or so.

Purchase from:

Fig. 1-2: So good they dedicated a wall to it. Next to the above is an entire wall dedicated to Frank Rizzo.

Notes: When purchasing, always check the color of the prosciutto inside. If it's more pale then a healthy pink, select another pepper; the now-ruined item has been sitting in the olive oil too long, and will most likely be salty. Further, pepper seeds really shouldn't be present.

If you do have the opportunity to hit DiBruno's you should do so. You will know when you are there when you enter the store and see:

  1. Tight quarters
  2. Multiple kinds of aged meats and cheeses hanging from the ceiling.
  3. A picture of Mussolini

Fig. 1-3: A glutton's heaven

Further, always go for the red ones (see fig. 1-1). While waiting in line, don't be shy about sampling the world's finest meats and cheeses. When in doubt, ask questions; the staff there rules.

Ingredients (Traditional):

  • Marinated cherry peppers
  • Sharp Provolone cheese
  • Prosciutto


  • Readily available
  • Taste incredible
  • Short prep time-just need to plate 'em
  • Go great with mozzarella and beer
  • Any ingredient by themselves makes for good eatin'
  • You luckily found the hot one! Your mouth is on fire!


  • You mistakenly find the hot one! Your mouth is on fire!


  • For people with social graces, a knife and plate will be necessary.
  • For everyone else, a napkin/paper towel will suffice.

Interesting Facts:

  • Many believe this food originated up in a Rhode Island Deli called Daniele Foods.
  • It is rumored that the name comes from the phonetic "prosciutto", i.e. "pro-shoot-o", and the Italian (lazy) habit of not pronouncing the last letter in a word if it is a vowel. Or something.

Conclusions: Most alternate places I have purchased these from (commissaries, random delis, etc.) each produce a very good version, so if you can't make it to south Philly, you will still get a good product.

I have to stop posting this type of material before lunch.


Q said...

Additional con: Grease EVERY WHERE!!

drozz said...
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drozz said...

only if you are a slob.

and its not grease.