Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This rumor has been circulating since the Pens and Sabres played in the ice bowl in NY (ed-don't read past the third comment, as i did. As a rule, every post that mentions a team from Philly and a team from Pitt degenerates the reader on average in 4 comments. Just thought i would give you the heads up).

Personally, I think this move would show some extreme chutzpah by Bettman, considering offers are out there right now from NY, Chicago, etc. While PSU could set the record for the largest crowd at a hockey game, I could foresee the NHL going where the money is. State College is, after all, State College.

If it did happen, you could bet Cindy Crosby's vag that I would be there (ed-SEE?), wielding my ancient Rick Tocchet orange-road jersey.

In all seriousness, the Pitt team that ousted the Flyers was not the same team they faced back in March/April. Crosby didn't dive or complain, and routinely scared the bejeezus out of me with his preternatural passing ability. They looked like the Devils from ten years ago, but with more talent up front.

The question is, who to cheer for in the finals? Most Pens fans greatly infuriate me, and I am sure the corollary is very true. Still, the majority of the Pens fans I know personally keep it nice-no screaming incoherently, and they know a good deal about the sport. Except Zac, because he is a dick. He once told his mother to "Shut up or I'll spin kick you".

Then there is Detroit. Reports from Detroit were shocking to say the least-most games did not sell out at the Joe this year. Strange. I guess they better get an iron and lift the "Hockeytown" banner from the ice, which is kind of how they remove tattoos in prison. Maybe these aren't the same fans who once rode a Red Wing Zamboni all the way to Philly back in '97.

I'm going to have to go with Pitt on this one. Why?
  1. I can only jinx them with my Philly mojo.
  2. I can secretly live vicariously through my friends' championships.

Either way, someone wins.

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