Thursday, May 22, 2008


  • BHGP keeps the hilarity going via OPS's interpretation of Kirk Ferentz's visit to PSU. I laugh abnormally hard at this kind of hijinx. Maybe because deep down inside, I nervously acknowledge that some of it might be a little to close too the truth.
  • More backstories are coming out now about the infamous Buzz vs. Leich conflict. Apparently, Cris Carter went all cro-magnon on young Will backstage, and stopped just short of taking his lunch money. Can the fallout from that fatefull interview get any more surreal?
  • Drew is taking a firm stand on...something, i guess.
  • SWPL has tackled an issue that, on a daily basis, greatly infuriates the stone-cold conservative in me: Bumperstickers.... In my opinion, I didn't ask for your enlightened views on religion, politics, and my meat-heavy diet.

Those four links alone should be more than enough to get you fired at work....

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Adam Q said...

Dammmit, I read the end of that right after I opened them all at work